Hosting a tutorial or workshop with Clowdr and Zoom

Updated April 06, 2021

Hosting a tutorial or workshop with Clowdr and Zoom

These instructions are for organizers who anticipate having more than 40 attendees in their tutorials or workshops.

  1. Participants and organizers will find a Zoom link via the tutorial Room in Clowdr.
    • For tutorials with strict registration lists, the respective Rooms in Clowdr are “private”. Only those registered for the tutorial will see the room in the schedule and be able to access the Zoom link.
  2. You should elect one of your organizers to be the Host for the Zoom meeting.
    • This person should follow “Host instructions” set out below.
  3. All other organizers should join the Zoom meeting in the ordinary way (click the link and join in)
  4. Your meeting will be configured to allow the host to record the meeting to a local file, if you wish to do so.
    • If you plan to record, please make sure the computer used by the person elected as Host has sufficient disk space and is powerful enough to handle both participating and recording the meeting.
    • For tutorials longer than 1 hour, you may need to occasionally pause and then start the recording. This is to cut the file at appropriate moments (about every 30 to 60 minutes) so you have more workable file sizes.

5. Your meeting will have chat disabled. Chat will be operated through Clowdr

  • The chat will be available in the Room in Clowdr with the same name as your tutorial.
  • This enables us to archive the chat messages along with any others sent during the conference.

6. All the other usual features of Zoom, such as raising hands, are available.

Host instructions

  1. If you don’t already have it, download the Zoom app for your platform (Windows/Linux/Mac).
    • You will not be able to host the meeting via the web interface. The Zoom App is necessary.
  2. If you are already logged into Zoom, prior to your tutorial, please log out.
  3. Log in to Zoom using the details provided to you by the Clowdr team, shared alongside these instructions.
  4. The meeting you will host has already been scheduled for you.
  5. 15 minutes before your tutorial starts, start the scheduled meeting.
  6. If you intend to record the meeting:
  • You should start the recording once all attendees have joined and you have informed them they are going to be recorded.
  • You should not start the recording until after you have given this notice. Participants in the EU, as well as other regions, have strong data protection rights that we must respect.
  • You may need to politely ask that anyone who does not wish to be recorded simply not turn on their camera/mic during the session.
  • Please consider turning on Automatic Live Captions. These can be of great assistance to many attendees.
  1. During the session, you can control who is allowed to share screens, show their cameras, turn on their microphones, etc. — all the usual Zoom features.
  2. At the end of your tutorial, please end the meeting and log out of Zoom.
  3. You should end the Zoom meeting on time and if you wish to carry on the conversation, ask that people join you in the Clowdr room.
  • Clowdr rooms are available for video chats of up to 40 people - attendees can create their own if they like!
  • You can create additional private or public Rooms in Clowdr if you would like to run breakouts or other kinds of social activities after your tutorial.
  • If your tutorial is looking like it will overrun, please be mindful that there may be another tutorial scheduled to use the same Zoom account after yours. While we hope it is never necessary, one of the Clowdr team will log into your Zoom and end the meeting in order to make the license available for a following tutorial.

All activity using Clowdr’s Zoom licenses is monitored. You should not log into the accounts until the day of your event, in the 30 mins before it starts. To practice using Zoom as a host, please create your own (free) Zoom account and create test meetings that way.

While we don’t expect this to happen, please be aware that any abuse of Clowdr’s Zoom licenses, or any organizer action that violates the conference’s code of conduct or the conference’s contract with Clowdr, will result in termination of your access to Clowdr and Clowdr’s Zoom accounts. Broadly speaking: be polite and run your tutorial as you would any other event.


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