Making the most of Clowdr's Shuffle feature

Updated April 28, 2021

Spontaneous conversations and randomized networking are made easy with Shuffle queues

This is an overview of Clowdr’s popular Shuffle feature.

Shuffle queues provide a fun opportunity for attendees to network in a randomized way, for a set amount of time.

shuffle 10 The following section provides an brief summary covering:

  • What is Shuffle?
  • How to join a Shuffle queue
  • Tips for how to use the Shuffle feature as an organizer

Shuffle Queues

  • A Shuffle queue runs between set times (max 30 minutes)
  • Attendees join the queue when it is running.
  • When enough people are in the queue, they are automatically divided up and allocated to auto-generated Shuffle rooms to meet other attendees for rounds of networking!
  • The allocation/grouping algorithm aims to place the target number of people in a room together - but will do fewer if not enough are people are in the queue.

shuffle 12

  • If someone is in the Shuffle queue on their own for a while, they are allocated to an existing room if that room has less than the maximum number of people.
  • The Shuffle rooms last for a set number of minutes each. When a room ends, people are taken back to the queue page and can rejoin to be allocated to a new room with new people!

Organizer Tips

  • As an organizer, you can assign specific individuals to rooms (special guests or speakers, mentors, etc) to facilitate speaker roundtables or mentoring sessions!

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  • The target and maximum number of people per room is configurable to customize the experience for your event.

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