Clowdr's event modes

Updated May 04, 2021

Clowdr has a range of modes to choose from, which can be combined to achieve various kinds of session. Below each mode is described for what it does on its own. Please see our other guides for how to combine events to achieve different kinds of sessions (plenary, paper presentations, Q&As, AMAs, poster presentations, poster competitions, etc).

Most events have a content item and/or an exhibition associated with them. These define the paper, poster, or group of items being presented at the event. However, this is optional: your events do not have to have a content item nor exhibition associated with them. Such events just have a name and no other content (which can be useful for scheduled social time).

In all modes, Clowdr shows a summary of the content item and/or exhibition associated with the event, below the main video-player/video-chat. In particular, exhibition summaries are always shown, even for events not in Exhibition mode - see details below.

NoneYou can use content elements on the item to add any information, such as links to external websites.
Single video-chatBreakoutA single video chat for up to 45 people is made available for anyone in the room to join.
Parallel video-chatsExhibitionThis mode focuses on the associated Exhibition. The content summary is hidden. Attendees use discussion rooms (one for each item in the exhibition) and can join any of the parallel conversations that are happening. They choose which discussion room(s) to join and how long to stay for.
Live-streamPre-recordedA live-stream is shown to attendees in a video player. The Broadcast Video associated with the selected content item is played back in the live-stream.
Live-streamPresentationA live-stream is shown to attendees in a video player. The live-stream shows a video-chat. The video-chat comes from the backstage where presenters and chairs join to turn on their mic/camera/screenshare. More details are available on Clowdr’s resource pages about live-streaming.
Live-streamQ&AThe same as Presentation mode, but the label shown to attendees reads Q&A instead of Presentation. In all other respects these modes are currently identical.
VideoVideo PlayerPrimarily used to support mirroring by playing back a recording of an earlier stream. Can also be used to show a video from many other sources (e.g. YouTube). Allows attendees to watch at their own pace and rewind, rather than the continuous live stream playout (see pre-recorded mode).
Parallel video-chatsShuffleUsed to add a pre-defined Shuffle Queue to the main schedule. Organised social time, mentoring events and more.
ExternalZoomDisplays a button with the link to Zoom. The Zoom link is added to associated content and marked as “hidden”. This way, the link is only available during the event time (and 20 mins in advance of the event).


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