Whether your conference has 50 attendees, 5,000, or more, we have a plan that can help you deliver a rich social experience.

Our packages are a starting point for what Clowdr can provide based on your event size and support needs - but please talk to us if you need something not currently shown on our website. We want to hear from you!

We're a small, fast moving team - we may already be working on just the thing you need!



Want to run the Clowdr platform yourself? We can help you with that.

All software features

If you have sufficient tech know-how, you can run our open-source software on your own hosting services!

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50-250 registrants

(up to four days)


Standard tech support

Up to three organisers

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250+ registrants

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Clowdr will work with you to create a quote tailored to the needs of your conference, factoring in your event size, technical support level, and budget constraints.

Dedicated tech support for attendees Optional

Conference and schedule design advice Optional

Hands-on support for organisers (e.g. schedule import, live tech support, training for session chairs and speakers) Optional

A custom package tailored for your event's success!


We offer discounted or at-cost pricing for conferences that align with our company's goals and values - including increasing accessibility of digital services, tackling climate change, and more. If you think your event might fall into this category, please reach out!

We do not currently offer conference hosting for free or below-cost


Here are the main features you'll find included with every Clowdr package. We're always happy to hear feedback about what should be added to Clowdr next.

Advanced schedulingSupport for complex, multi-track programs.
Video roomsRegistrant- and organiser-created video breakout rooms.
Text chatRealtime text chat, including direct messages and global channels.
Integrated video streamingPresent live from inside Clowdr. Control which people (or screen shares) are shown in your livestream.
Seamless livestreamsSchedule both live and pre-recorded sessions and Clowdr will switch between them seamlessly in your livestream.
Content managementUpload and display your conference proceedings, including abstracts, videos, files and links.
Content collectionAllow your authors to upload content (e.g. pre-recorded videos).
Auto-generated subtitlesAutomatically generated subtitles for pre-recorded video uploads and live recordings. Let your authors edit their own subtitles.
Shuffle spacesRandomised networking rooms for your registrants. Can also be used for mentoring sessions.
Sponsor boothsA dedicated video room page for each of your sponsors. Customisable with text, images, links and video.
Custom homepageA customisable landing page to introduce registrants to your conference.
Admin panelA self-service admin panel to control everything at your conference.
Permissions managementGroup registrants together to give them access to different areas. Or give specific roles to different organisers.
YouTube exportUpload your videos or live recordings to YouTube.
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