Archiving Policy

Clowdr retains your conference's data for the time specified in our service agreement with you. In general Clowdr is happy to provide copies of data to conferences, since the conference owns that data (as Data Controllers) as part of our standard services agreement. The following policies apply to specific kinds of data within Clowdr.

Images and Videos

Images and pre-recorded videos uploaded to Clowdr, as well as recordings of any live streams, may be provided upon request as downloadable files. In addition, we may provide automatic uploading of videos to YouTube (when suitable authorization is granted to us). This includes configuring the description and relevant playlists for your videos.

Chat messages

We provide copies of "public" chats sent within Clowdr; In general these are messages sent in "hallway" rooms and rooms associated with particular content (papers, posters, etc). We will not, except at our sole discretion and only when given appropriate justification, provide copies of private messages sent within Clowdr. Private messages includes, for example, direct messages ("DMs"), messages sent in private group rooms or semi-private messages, such as messages sent in public ephemeral rooms (where attendees may have a reasonable expectation that such messages will not outlast the conference).

Attendee profiles

We do not provide archivable copies of attendee's profiles or other such personal data. We do not believe such data is appropriate for conferences to archive. We do provide some analytics data, which may derive from particular elements of attendee's personal data and where it has been processed in accordance with applicable data protection regulation and policy.

For the avoidance of doubt, we do not provide archivable lists of user's email addresses.


We may provide some archivable analytics data, such as aggregate counts of attendance by location, daily usage of video rooms, and similar.


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