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Virtual conferences for social good

Clowdr makes it easy to create an engaging virtual conference experience, giving you time to focus on the things that matter

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Running a virtual conference can be hard work

How do I organise video streaming and Q&A?
How will attendees socialise with one another?
How do I run poster sessions and exhibitions?
What about providing booths for our sponsors?

Clowdr solves these problems and more, giving you time to focus on the thing that really matters: bringing people together.

Here are just a few of our great features:

Advanced scheduling

Clowdr supports the complex, multi-track conference programs common in large academic conferences.

Audiovisual production

Our end-to-end video production workflow seamlessly combines pre-recorded videos with live presentations, panel sessions and Q&A.

Attendee networking

Get your attendees talking with shuffle spaces, a way to create spontaneous group conversations.

Expert support

Our experienced team is ready to make your conference a success.

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Why go virtual with Clowdr?

Scales to your event

Clowdr was founded by academics with decades of combined experience organising large, complex academic conferences. It handles everything from simple seminars to week-long, multi-track conferences with thousands of attendees.

A sociable experience

Clowdr lets your attendees talk to one another with text and video chat. You can set up your own custom meeting rooms, sponsor booths, announcement channels and more.

By the community, for the community

Clowdr is a social enterprise, incorporated as a Community Interest Company. Our mission is to make inclusive, accessible, climate-friendly virtual conferences just as socially engaging as physical conferences.

What we offer


We worry about the technology; you organize the conference. Use Clowdr - hosted by the people who built it.

Expert support and advice

We can advise you on how to plan and set up your conference and provide virtual on-site support to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Advanced customisation

Want to wow your attendees with something new? We can design and build it.


Want to run the Clowdr platform yourself? We can help you with that.

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© Clowdr CIC 2021

Clowdr is a social enterprise dedicated to creating sustainable, inclusive and engaging conferences.

Clowdr is a UK Community Interest Company, number 12984216.

Clowdr was initially made possible thanks to support by the US National Science Foundation under awards CCF-2035003, CCF-2035101 and CCF-203500 and support from